Happy Spring from Kevin Clayton and Aldo’s Arbor

Happy early Spring from Kevin Clayton and Aldo’s Arbor! With the winter we’ve had, I thought I’d send out some tips on keeping your trees healthy through this unseasonably dry and warm weather. Below you’ll find tips on watering your trees, the best time to prune, and planting new trees.

I recommend watering your trees every 2 weeks unless it rains or snows. This is especially important for trees that have been planted in the last 2-3 years. This time of year, trees are growing new roots, and will need the extra water if the weather stays dry.
If I maintain your irrigation system, I might be turning it on soon. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need help with watering your trees.

The next few weeks will be the optimal time for pruning fruit trees. It is best to prune before the trees bloom, which could happen early this year. Spring pruning encourages fresh growth and helps trees produce healthier, yummier fruit. It also lets more sun and air into the branches, which helps fruit ripen and reduces disease.

Spring is the best time to plant new trees. It may be advantageous to plant young trees earlier this year and to water them well.

Inline image 1

This Limber pine was planted at the Eco Park two years ago. I am now a member of the Town of Taos Tree Board and currently working on planning for Arbor day. Let me know if you have any places in Town that you would like to see more trees planted.I am excited to announce that my family and I are expecting a new baby mid-summer. I hope to get much of my summer work done in July, so I can spend time in August with the new little one and my son Aldo.

I am launching a newsletter that will have seasonal updates, events to attend, pests to watch out for, and more. If you would like view the most recent one and to subscribe, follow this link:


Thank you for all your dedication to trees. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Our trees might need some extra help this dry year!Thank you,

Kevin Clayton
ISA Certified Arborist

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