ISA Certified Arborist Team

As Certified Arborists we are committed to following and staying up to date on the latest science in tree care. Certified Arborists have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and professionalism, passed a comprehensive exam that covers topics from tree biology to climbing safety, and are bound by the International Society of Arboriculture Code of Ethics.

Kevin Clayton: Owner, ISA Certified Arborist, RM-7869A

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Aldo’s Arbor is owned and operated by Kevin Clayton, ISA certified arborist. Kevin apprenticed with Certified Arborists, Paul Bryan Jones and Ben Wright for 3 years. Kevin started Aldo’s Arbor after Ben Wright moved on to working for the Taos Land Trust. Before that he built hiking trails at Sequoia National Park in California where he developed a great love for trees and met his partner Myrth. Aldo’s Arbor is named after Aldo Leopold.

Ivan Locke: Crew Leader, Tree Climber, ISA Certified Arborist, RM-8081A

Verify Our Credentials

Ivan has been with Aldo’s Arbor since 2016. Ivan had a background in rock climbing and mountaineering. He has taken to the trees proficiently becoming a skilled tree climber. Ivan approaches each tree with a nurturing attitude.

Peter Oviatt: Tree Climber, Certified Arborist, RM-8545A

Peter joined Aldo’s Arbor in 2018. Peter quickly developed tree climbing and tree care skills and has become our go to climber. Peter also plays music throughout the Taos area and operates a recording studio.

Ben Byers, Crew Leader, Tree Climber, Mechanic, ISA Certified Arborist RM-8546A

Ben joined Aldo’s Arbor in 2020. He shows up every day ready to work hard and take on new challenges. He has quickly learned to care for trees and became a Certified Arborist in 2022.

Zephaniah Stringfield, Tree Climber. Arborist in Training

Zephaniah joined Aldo’s Arbor in 2019. Zeph began working as an arborist in the bay area before moving to Taos. Zeph is also a touring musician.

Kevin Clayton
Ivan Locke

Ben Byers

Peter Oviatt

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